Iris Q. Lin

modern tapestries

In Graphic Design on April 27, 2010 at 7:15 PM

each square within four random lines
filling colors of choice

  1. i would love to see the real 1 on a real wall
    good work

  2. so what do those curves and waves refer to? or i would say mid-age tapestry are more likely to be considered as a substitute of painting aren’t they? textile’s usually more resistant to air erosion than mineral pigment aren’t they? be tolerant and forgive my ignorance..

    • traditional tapestry are woven fabric. these blocks can be separate and reunite in any combination u like~ Since it’s a digital piece, i call it modern tapestries.

      • woven substance & handmade or semi, mega-value master piece. here

        old castle defending against modernism see how symbolic it can be :B

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